Randall B. Johnston

Compassionate, assertive, and dependable, Randall Johnston is a wonderful attorney to have on your side as you deal with the complications of Missouri’s legal system. He has a long history of professional success and is eager to use the knowledge he’s gained to resolve your current legal concerns.

Academic and Career History

As an undergraduate, Randall Johnston attended the University of California at Berkeley. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in 1971. Later, he attended law school at the University of Missouri. There, he developed a clear passion for law and the desire to use his innate skills for good. Since graduating from law school, he has enjoyed a very successful legal career, serving with Johnston & Smith LLC and later as a sole practitioner.

During his multiple decades in the legal industry, Randall Johnston has developed a solid reputation in and around Columbia. Clients are impressed by his detailed knowledge of several practice areas, plus his unparalleled negotiation skills and his willingness to provide patient counsel to those who need it most. Fellow attorneys also respect him; he’s received glowing endorsements from some of the region’s finest legal professionals.

Practice Areas

Randall Johnston boasts a comprehensive understanding of the legal industry. He is willing to take on a variety of complex cases. Regardless of the details of the cases he handles, his approach is always respectful and proactive. The following are a few of his primary practice areas:

  • Divorce
  • Real Estate
  • Contract Disputes
  • Employee Law

Randall Johnston’s Legal Appproach: A Proactive Columbia Attorney

Ranked highly with Martindale-Hubbell, Randall Johnston is known for his ethical and compassionate approach to law. He cares deeply about his clients and their families, and is confident in his ability to put their most pressing legal issues to rest. His personalized approach ensures that each client’s concerns are addressed.

Are you ready to put your legal concerns in the past? Whether a contract dispute or real estate issue has you feeling stressed, you can count on Randall Johnston for support. He will offer the thorough legal counsel you need to feel confident about your case. Contact Randall B. Johnston, P.C. today to learn more about his background, his approach to law, and how he can help you navigate the Columbia legal system.

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